Monday, June 29, 2009


What are values?

We go right away to religions to express the meaning of moral values....but outside religions point of view what are these??
For me , those are positive attitudes towards life that allows you to live in harmony and share with other individuals in our society.

Some of my friends say that we learn them from the family, church, the school, friends, other peers and why not television,,,,examples of society and heroes.

Where did you learn them ?


Case 1 Honesty

If you see a wallet on the floor of the bathroom in a mall, what is the first thing you do ?
what comes to your mind ?
1. Do you check it out, see if it has money..keep it.. and then try to find the owner?

2.Do you pass by and pretend you didn't see anything ?

3.Do you check it out, see if it has money..keep it.. and then throw it away ?

4. Do you check if there are any names, phone numbers, addresses, I.D and try to find the person without waiting for any retribution ?

5. Other ideas ?


How do you see Moral values in people?
How would you explain values?
Where and when do you learn / teach values?

These and more questions will try to be answered.
Keep posted