Friday, October 23, 2009

Values 2 : Respect

What is respect ?
How do you see respect in others ?
Who do you respect ?
.... your parents ??
Who should we respect ?
Who are we supposed to respect ?

why should we respect ?


If you are at work and you see that there is a man's briefcase at your coworker's desk and it is open and it appears to have what it looks like a magazine with naked women....or can not see very well.

a) You wait until your friend comes and ask him about it.
b) You grab the magazine really quick and see what it is about.
c) You pass by and have a glance.
d) You pass by and do not have a look at the magazine or his personal belongings.
e) any other suggestions on what to do.
c) You pass by and get the magazine for you

What would you do ?
Who taught you how to act like that ?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is Love ?

Love is when you make muffins and one of a sudden you give the biggest muffin to the one you love.
Sometimes, when you are standing up waiting for the bus to come you find yourself thinking,,,and thinking....and thinking,,,,and the bus passes by....and you keep thinking...the bus goes away,,,and you keep missed the bus...jeez...I was thinking about her.
Somebody talks to you and you say : "ah?"...well you where thinking about the one
Yo travel so far..far...far..and your heart pounds when you have a glimpse of the one

Monday, June 29, 2009


What are values?

We go right away to religions to express the meaning of moral values....but outside religions point of view what are these??
For me , those are positive attitudes towards life that allows you to live in harmony and share with other individuals in our society.

Some of my friends say that we learn them from the family, church, the school, friends, other peers and why not television,,,,examples of society and heroes.

Where did you learn them ?


Case 1 Honesty

If you see a wallet on the floor of the bathroom in a mall, what is the first thing you do ?
what comes to your mind ?
1. Do you check it out, see if it has money..keep it.. and then try to find the owner?

2.Do you pass by and pretend you didn't see anything ?

3.Do you check it out, see if it has money..keep it.. and then throw it away ?

4. Do you check if there are any names, phone numbers, addresses, I.D and try to find the person without waiting for any retribution ?

5. Other ideas ?


How do you see Moral values in people?
How would you explain values?
Where and when do you learn / teach values?

These and more questions will try to be answered.
Keep posted

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free flowers and smiles

I recently got some money from the school I work for and I decided to invested in the people. I treated myself, my wife and my friends. I bought some flowers and my friends and I hit the streets giving away flowers and smiles to everybody around.I am really happy when I see others happy, so I thought what a best way to invest some money in things that make you happy....and here it is :

Friday, March 20, 2009

When are you happy ?

When I paint
When I draw
When I make music
When I read a book
When I talk to friends who always think there is something beyond their noses
when I walk or ride my bike

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who makes you happy ?

My students who smile back at me and say how much they like the classes
and people who are always happy and positive about life

Friday, March 13, 2009

What makes you happy ?

Every time I wake up in the morning and I see my wife next to me. happy.

When the children I teach say : "I love you teacher" or "I like your hair "

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am posting a book may be an inspiration to some. Cheers. I hope you enjoy it.