Sunday, November 14, 2010

What about others ?

I am usually happy by nature. But my basic happiness is made out in the outside world. If everybody around me is happy I would be happy. Friends and Family members. If they are happy , that makes me happy. Therefore, one of my daily activities is to make sure people around me are happy.
I recently went on an English immersion course on a town near Bogota ( My home town in Colombia ) as a coordinator of the program. There were many students who at the beginning of the course were afraid and reluctant to speak and practice English. Throughout the course ans and days passed , students were feeling more comfortable. We did many things to practice the language: Games and activities that kept them busy while practicing. I noticed how students who were once reluctant to talk were now happier and doing better with their language abilities. At the end of the course, everybody was great, they learned a lot and THEY WERE HAPPY to have such a great learning experience. When everything finished , I said to myself, if they were happy...and I helped them to be happy somehow. I am happy.