Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somethings I disagree with

Today I want to say some of the things I do not like in life , I do not hate them, but I just happen not to agree with.


I simply do not like this character; it is ridiculous and not funny. I understand people like it and I respect it, but for me I just don’t find him amusing.


I consider that there are other ways to educate children such as Sesame Street, Curious George and others; his voice is too silly for me and some times annoying.


Although I understand, they try to do good and give happiness to people, I disagree with some trying to take advantage of the people, specially of the ignorance of some. They want to make profit of people’s sorrow and desperation.


They started as a good ideology in order to give poor people what they deserve and be opposed to the government, unfortunately in my country they have become only terrorist and drug dealers killing innocent, that is not the way to answer problems in life or start a revolution, the word is the best sword.


I disagree with people who think only about themselves, they are greedy and think that the main things in life are getting money, a house, a car, a dog and see others below their shoulders.


I believe music is a great expression of culture, but this is just crappy music , with crappy lyrics , degrading people , but what I disagree the most is that people follow these “artists” and want to be like them, I think our society deserve better idols. What happened to the Beatles and others?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just between the devil and god


One day, a man named Jammed was walking down a stream happily when suddenly he ran into an old guy who was sitting on a rock. The old guy told Jammed that destiny have put them together in the same path and that he was waiting for him so long . He had something for him, but he needed to carry it at all times and that he must not open it until the signs would say so.

Jammed received the present and carried on his way to meet the love of his life. At the end of the stream was Isabel: a tall, slim and blonde young woman who was waiting for him. As soon as she noticed that he was approaching, she smiled. Jammed looked at her, stopped for a moment and refrained to talk to her, he remembered the words of the old man: “it is a sign; I can tell “he thought. He reached his pocket and something was telling him that it was the moment to have a look at the present. He took out the bag, opened the rag the object was wrapped around and he saw a dagger with a note. The note read: “If you want to find happiness you must use this dagger with the first person you see.”

Jammed looked at the dagger and looked at Isabel. He thought for a while what would make him happy. Then, he proceeded to do what he needed to do.

I wonder what Jammed did. What do you think he should have done? Only he has the answer and it is up to him to make a decision. A human decision? God’s decision? or the devil’s decision? Whatever it is , a decision must be taken.

Neither god nor the devil should influence him to make a decision; he has to make a human and humble decision up to this point. He does not need somebody else to decide for him.

We humans have the right to decide what to do, how to do it and when to do it. That is our freedom, our free will. Human beings do not need god to be happy, better or more human. Neither we need the devil to be bad, sad or hold a grudge against somebody. We as humans should think about others just as we are …another human being. Apparently religions have tried to help humans in their decisions for centuries, but somehow have failed. In the end, we are the ones who take those decisions and we must be responsible for them.

Many religions have appeared for ages to help us feel better, look for solace or to make those decisions we are not capable to make. I will merely describe how no matter what religion people choose, all are in search of the same things and that we do not need them to be better or feel better or take decisions.

Christianity is based on the life of Jesus and his teachings. Christianity seeks to give happiness and guidance to people through reading the holy bible. Values are considering a must and must be followed avoiding sin in order to get to a sacred place called heaven.

Islam as well as the christianism has a book called Qur’an which is the verbatim of god and spread by the prophet Muhammad. It also seeks for peace and people must worship god in order to do good in life.

Hinduism is a predominant and indigenous religion of India which includes traditions of daily moral, seeking for goodness as the previous other religions I described above. It is also based on principles of societal norms and contrary to the former religions it has different body of texts that provides advice on how to live a religious life. In other words how to live in piece with oneself and others. “Hinduism conceives the whole world as a single family that deifies the one truth, and therefore it accepts all forms of beliefs and dismisses labels of distinct religions which would imply a division of identity” as well as other religions Hinduism is devoid of the concepts of apostasy, heresy and blasphemy ( Sins, bad behaviors for others )

In Buddhism , the teachings of an individual named Buddha who is consider a master and an enlighten teacher who helps people in search of happiness. It encourages the followers to follow a path of mindfulness and meditation and the study of the scriptures. Again , we can see how this is looking for peace and happiness to people.

Judaism, as well as the former two religions described above also bases its teachings or laws from a Hebrew book called Tanahk and it expresses the relationship between god and the children of Israel. Commandments were told to Moses and all the children must follow.

We the human children must follow these laws or otherwise punishment will come to us. I dare to tell that we should not act upon punishment but more acting as common sense.

Non believers and others also look for the good and benefit of others by either not believing in any god or just following different thoughts or beleifs : agnosticism, atheism, deism, skepticism, free thought, secular humanism or general secularism and even some forms of alternative spirituality such as New Age may give humans an option when god is not a choice.

In addition to many religions available at your choice, I have noticed that no matter what, most of the religions want to promote values and discard wrong practices. I truly believe that we as human beings should totally seek values such as: Friendship, Love, Altruism etc in ourselves. We should think in others as another human being who also deserves respect, understanding and love. And not because a religion tells you to do this and that, or just because a book tells you to do so, but more because of a common sense. Families, schools, cultures and society in general should promote these values because it is the right thing to do with no fear of soul (heaven or hell ) consequences but just because that would me make a better human being and I should face the law if I do not do the right thing.

No matter what religion, philosophy or point of view you are, you and me are still human beings who want to satisfy our need to look for sorrow, forgiveness, or just solace Some religions just want to win the battle to evil and be the leaders on this world of evil. And some other religions just want to make profit out of your beliefs . Who is the winner or the loser in the end? YOU the human being.

In the end, everything is the same. Like for some religions have a prophet, I have nobody else but you my fellow inhabitant of this planet. Religions have a book and I have the daily life , common sense to behave, religions have a place to worship, I have the streets to walk. Like many religions have to do service, for instance, I serve my neighbor by talking to them and always finding something positive, I give my seat to the elderly, I let others go first than me in the bank line, but only because I think that is the right thing to do. Other people pay money to their churches I pay money to get a ticket for a show of my favorite rock band. Other people buy gospel music cds or Christian music, or donate to the mediation group. I buy my Sonic Youth cd and t shirt and I go to the show to do what others do at the church…worship my favorite person, scream, sing, hang out with others, have a beer, have a good time and try to do good. While others spend amounts of money on the bible or the torah, I buy my book of the history of rock, a Paulo Coelho book or my favorite Graphic novel “Watchmen or V for vendetta”

All in all, we are all the same, human beings, with human souls who want to be somebody in this planet and why not be happy. In short, we need to learn to understand, tolerate and love others not because they are different but because they are equal, many religions, many creeds, many books, many laws and traditions to follow and only one person YOU… a human being.

I want to finish up by saying that do not hold a grudge on me or others but rather seek for your own happiness and others. Seek for a better future for your children and those who really want to change this planet and make it a better place. PLEASE COEXIST. Or better…. exist or just ….. be better.

So what do you think Jammed did in the end?

Should he pay attention to the devil or god?

Should he think as a human and do the right thing?

Should religions help us to be happy?