Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somethings I disagree with

Today I want to say some of the things I do not like in life , I do not hate them, but I just happen not to agree with.


I simply do not like this character; it is ridiculous and not funny. I understand people like it and I respect it, but for me I just don’t find him amusing.


I consider that there are other ways to educate children such as Sesame Street, Curious George and others; his voice is too silly for me and some times annoying.


Although I understand, they try to do good and give happiness to people, I disagree with some trying to take advantage of the people, specially of the ignorance of some. They want to make profit of people’s sorrow and desperation.


They started as a good ideology in order to give poor people what they deserve and be opposed to the government, unfortunately in my country they have become only terrorist and drug dealers killing innocent, that is not the way to answer problems in life or start a revolution, the word is the best sword.


I disagree with people who think only about themselves, they are greedy and think that the main things in life are getting money, a house, a car, a dog and see others below their shoulders.


I believe music is a great expression of culture, but this is just crappy music , with crappy lyrics , degrading people , but what I disagree the most is that people follow these “artists” and want to be like them, I think our society deserve better idols. What happened to the Beatles and others?

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