Monday, January 4, 2010

New York..New Year,,,New Life..

How happy…in New York
I recently spent 2 week vacations in New York to celebrate the end of the year. These are the moments and reasons that made me happy:

I got to see my very good friends from Ecuador and USA. Spend the time together as if we were a family. In these moments of cold and loneliness there is nothing better than being together with the people you love and like being around. I personally do not celebrate Christmas, but sharing wonderful moments with the person you love and your friends, definitely makes me happy.

I loved New York. The cosmopolitan city with different people from different countries, cultures, religions and races. Restaurants with delicious food. Especially Fluffy’s café at the corner of 55th st and 7th avenue. I liked the muffins and the delicious coffee on a cold afternoon. The Dominican neighborhood in upper Manhattan is good for a cheap traditional breakfast.

The wonderful museums full of master pieces of my favorite artists : Cézanne , Monet, Van Gogh and overall Pollock. My favorite museum was the Guggenheim and the exhibition about Kandinsky, my favorite abstract artist. This artist made feel I am able to do whatever I want and keep going with my artwork. Check : Solace for human soul for future abstract releases.

Ice skating at Bryant park . I never thought I was that good at skating . Me and my wife were doing pretty good together. The skates sucked though.

Walking down the streets to discover new places is one of my favorite things to do. I never get tired or cold. I keep going and going and going…get some coffee and keep going until I found my favorite store….LA RATA BASTARDA AMARILLA…hehehehe,,,,Yellow Rat Bastard at the corner of Broom st and Broadway Yellow Rat Bastard . This place is good for clothes and accessories for weird and different people.

Last bast not least, MTA…yes …the NY metro is good….but DIRTY….ewe……I love that it is 24 hours…it takes you in minutes anywhere in NYC..I love the urban sounds and of course the train is one of my favorites.

Chinatown…to buy fake LV.. C… D&G..etc…hehehe, the empire state building…so high,,.,so cold. Central park to walk and leave your thoughts fly. Brooklyn only one night there…I regret not having more time to discover more about it..someday..some day.

Good times in new years night at central park…brbrbrbrbrb cold…but here we are receiving a new year…hopefully full of wonderful things…and over all Happiness.