Friday, October 23, 2009

Values 2 : Respect

What is respect ?
How do you see respect in others ?
Who do you respect ?
.... your parents ??
Who should we respect ?
Who are we supposed to respect ?

why should we respect ?


If you are at work and you see that there is a man's briefcase at your coworker's desk and it is open and it appears to have what it looks like a magazine with naked women....or can not see very well.

a) You wait until your friend comes and ask him about it.
b) You grab the magazine really quick and see what it is about.
c) You pass by and have a glance.
d) You pass by and do not have a look at the magazine or his personal belongings.
e) any other suggestions on what to do.
c) You pass by and get the magazine for you

What would you do ?
Who taught you how to act like that ?

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