Sunday, May 30, 2010

Facebook Feud

Facebook feud
I am back by popular demand
I recently took a break from my friend facebook. I had nice vacations from the family friend and now I have comeback relaxed and with new energy.
I noticed that I was having too much interaction with my friend and not being productive in my real/ private life. Six hours a day was too much. Too much snooping photos, profiles, posting messages and chatting. I barely went out of my house, just to do the shopping and stuff. I finally decided to give my friend some vacations and enjoy more the “real” life.
I am taking more time to read, listen to music and I already started a meditation session every day. At the beginning, it was hard to withdraw from the whole thing, the urge to use the internet and check profiles, pictures and status. But I already have more time and enjoying reading more than ever.
Now, I am back and more relaxed.I set up a schedule for my facebook / internet interactions. I highly recommend anybody to give a time to enjoy yourselves with your family and friends in real time / world. Go out and enjoy all the nice things to do.
If you really want to know more about me and what I do, you should follow my MY SPACE website.
In myspace , I still have updates of my photos and everything I do everyday…and what is best / worse..this is open to the public.

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