Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is Facebook your real friend ?

I decided to give my best friend facebook a break for a while. I recently got into arguments with somebody at work. This person asked me if I have a facebook account and then I said “yes, I have a facebook account” then the person asked me If I would friend her , then I said “sure”.

A couple of weeks passed and this person ask me again a little bit irritated and mad : “hey why haven’t you friend me on facebook?” and I say “ Oh sorry, I forgot” . Other couple of weeks passed and this person approached to me really mad and said “hey..if you don’t want to be my friend , you should have said it so….you do not think I am worthy to be your friend.. or your are too good for me…or is it that you have secrets…you know… embarrassing photos.” I was very annoyed / surprised of such remarks, and I replied “Listen Jamie, You are nice, you are a great person..and yes I am your friend but the fact that I do not friend you on facebook does not make you less my real friend..or I do not like you as a human being, it is I just do not share all my personal information with every single person who wants to friend me on facebook.”

I apologize and she left with a grin on her face. She still talks to me, but not as before.

I wonder why people act like this. You are going to be my friend for ever…even if I do not friend you on facebook .We can still hang out. I wish people would take more time to actually hang out, go out and talk to friends in a real life time. Going to movies, bowling, take a walk through the lakeshore, take a beer, talk B.S about or neighbors, watch tv and play some soccer. STOP THE POKE..THE QUIZZ, THE I LIKE BUTTON, THE…PLEDGE TO SAVE THE ANIMALS CAUSE…why do not we do this in real life…poke your friends at school with your finger…in the eye…belly, arm…and say how much you like him /her….quizz your real friends about the things they like to do and do this together, tell people that you like them all the time…nice hair…nice clothes…looking good today etc. Save a stray cat or dog…donate some money to local causes or better help out a friend in need.

I wish those days in which we used to write letter to friend and actually take the time to take a piece of paper and send complements and regards to friends and family, but do not get me wrong I do not disagree at all with this facebook frenzy/ crazy fashion/ trend. I believe this is a good tool to keep in touch with “real” friends and family who live very far or abroad and probably this is the only mean to get in touch with your grand ma and see pictures of her 99 year d-day party.

Bottom line, stop facebooking around wasting your time snooping photos and profiles, stalking your ex or that girl / boy you like at school / work…get a life …go out and see that there are real people out there to SUPER POKE and join the mafia of friends in the neighborhood and do some good…smile for real at people…in the train, bus in the street……and YES…I STILL USE FACE BOOK to stalk you and check your silly pictures…and you can see mine.

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